Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Among Us Is Now Available On Nintendo Switch; Supports Crossplay

Among Us was first released back in 2018. Despite this fact, it only got its breakout hit status this year. This rise in popularity led to a number of things. Among them is the cancellation of the sequel, so that the devs can focus on the original. Another is the game now being available for the Nintendo Switch.

This announcement came via the most recent Nintendo Direct, which has a focus on indies. The announcement trailer itself is pretty straightforward, albeit a little corny.

As a game, Among Us has a very simple premise. You’ll be in a facility with a number of other players, doing tasks that are mundane but critical for survival. But among the players is an impostor (or two, depending on the total number of players) whose goal is to sabotage the whole operation and kill the other players.

You can get Among Us tight now from the Nintendo eShop for US$5 (~RM20). Which is a very affordable game for the Nintendo Switch, especially considering there’s no local pricing . This is especially considering the version of the game on Steam, which also costs US$5 in the US, but is only RM12.50 for us. Oh, and the game also features crossplay between these two platforms.

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