Monday, December 7, 2020

DualSense Analogue Stick Drift Reports Are Popping Up

The DualSense controller is probably the most next-gen thing about the PS5. It has very novel and impressive features like its haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. But it suffers from one old generation problem, which is analogue stick drift. And reports of that has already started to surface, less than a month since the console first appeared in the official market.

TweakTown reports that their own DualSense has begun giving problems. In their case, the right analogue stick has started drifting, making many games where camera control is important unplayable. Which is pretty severe, since not even the DualShock 4 starts drifting in such a short period of time.

The tech news outlet also reports that none of the online remedies out there work to alleviate the issue. Nor does resetting the controller, cleaning it, or even turning the PS5 Bluetooth off and on again. There’s no new firmware update for the controller either.

In all likelihood, this is probably a case of a faulty DualSense controller. Which is one bad sign piled on top of another, since the PS5 fan is also of very poor consistency across consoles. At least, as far as the number of fan blades is concerned.


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