Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Epic Games Store Is Giving Away Free Games Everyday Until The End Of December

The Epic Games Store usually gives away free games once a week. But the company is looking to end the year with a bang. Rather than one a week, Epic Games is giving away one free game a day for the rest of December.

The first free game can be claimed today, before midnight. And the game itself is Alien: Isolation, a very good singleplayer horror game starring Amanda Ripley. Epic Games has not revealed the remaining free games that it will be giving away on its store.

That being said, a list of free games that will be given away has already leaked last week. It’s not necessarily in the order that’s listed, but there’s a fair chance that these games will be appearing in some capacity. There’s also a chance that one of these coming days will see more than one game being free. But we’ll have to wait for each day’s giveaway to be sure.

As a reminder, starting today, claim a free game from the Epic Games Store everyday before midnight. If you want to know what are the games that will be made free, the leaked list may be an indication.

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