Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Eric Engstrom, Pioneer Of Windows Gaming And DirectX, Passes Away At 55

It seems that 2020 is still intent on claiming the lives of important individuals in the world of technology and gaming. A couple of days ago, it was Norman Abramson, the father of modern wireless networks. Recently, another pioneer, Eric Engstrom, has died at age 55. According to reports, Engstrom passed away due to complications from an injury.

Like Abramson, Engstrom was a pioneer, but more specifically, he was one of the Microsoft engineers who, along with colleagues Alex St. John and Craig Eisler, made Windows gaming viable and even developed the DirectX API. That has since seen several evolutions, the latest iteration of it being the DirectX 12 (DX12) Ultimate.

From there, several of you know what happened next; with DirectX, the API effectively made gaming on Microsoft’s Windows OS the preferred choice for PC Gaming and even laid the foundation for what would later be Microsoft’s Xbox consoles.

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