Saturday, December 12, 2020

Hacker “Legally” Claims Stolen Genshin Impact Account By Making In-App Purchase


Usually, when it comes to hacked game accounts, the normally expected response is for the dev to restore it to its rightful owner. But with Genshin Impact, miHoYo may have made a very bizarre decision. And that is to let the hacker keep the account, simply because they have made in-app purchases.

Reddit user Rabbit Outside shared their strange experience with Genshin Impact customer support with a video. It shows their support ticket, and miHoYo’s odd response to the situation. Essentially, Rabbit Outside reported that his account was hacked. But because the hacker had made Top-ups on the allegedly hacked account, customer support could not revert the account back to them.

On one hand, the bizarre nature of this case really puts the authenticity of the report into question. But on the other, it wouldn’t be surprising if it was real. After all, miHoYo has made questionable decisions before, albeit not with Genshin Impact. Just last year, the company had banned players of its other game, Honkai Impact 3, for abusing an in-app purchase bug. You’d think that the usual response would be to simply reverse the transactions in question.

At any rate, this should be just one of the many reasons to be careful with the free-to-play business model. No doubt miHoYo also needs to plug any security holes it has with Genshin Impact.

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