Thursday, December 10, 2020


A Singapore Uncensored reader recently shared his experience after having an affair with a Malaysian girl. At that point in time, the Malaysian Chinese girl was married and her husband was working in Johor. It was believed that before the Covid period she would return to Malaysian on a weekly basis to see her husband and her first child, but due to the Covid period, she was unable to return to her family. The affair led to her getting pregnant and giving birth to a child.

Have you ever had an experience that there would be a time that you can’t even acknowledge your own child? Well. This actually happened to me. I used to work in the construction industry, but not anymore.

I have been working in a big construction firm for close to 4 years on my 3rd year, a Malaysian Chinese lady joined my company as an accounts executive. When this lady joined, I was a project manager with the company. She was really pretty and had long hair and fair skin. She had a great body as well. We would exchange glances with each other every now and then but I didn’t think much about it as I knew she was married and had a kid. I was 31 and she was 32. She even had a picture of her husband and her kid on her office desk.

It all started off when we had a company function at one of the bars in Singapore in January this year. There were close to 50 people at the event. I remembered that there was a drinking competition and the best drinker who cleared 3 mugs of beer would get 3 days off. Sad to say, I love beer, and 3 glasses are peanuts to me. I won the competition and surprisingly this lady came to me and congratulated me. We sat together and continued drinking. The event ended around 1030pm and when everyone left, me and the girl decided to go for the second round. We left for another KTV pub and drank till 2am. By then both of us were rather wasted and one thing led to another and we ended up making love in my car at East Coast Park.

East Coast park would be our daily weekday haunt where we would make crazy love from Monday to Thursday. She would ride me on my driver’s seat and we would continue to the passenger seat as well. We were lucky as the carpark that we were at was kind of secluded as we couldn’t return to her place as she had a roommate. We used protection all the time so I didn’t think to much of it. She would return to Malaysia on Friday to be with her family before coming back to Singapore on Sunday. This ritual carried on for more than 2 months and the last time I made love to her was March 10 and that was the first time I did not use any protection.

I still chatted with this girl for a week that was when she started to give me the cold shoulder. I also remembered her telling me that her husband was traveling to China on March the 8th for a business trip for a month as well that was when we decided to book a trip to Thailand together for the 23rd of March. On the 20th of March, she informed me that she wanted to break things off and it was rather sudden, but I didn’t think much about it as she stated that she was feeling guilty and she wanted to end our affair. I was still quite pissed about it though as I wasted close to $1,000 on air tickets and hotel expenses. I did travel solo to Thailand though.

From March 21 till April 6, we ignored each other at work and I remembered that she did not return to Malaysia at all during that period. On April 7, Singapore announced the lockdown and everyone was made to work from home. I left the company in June due to a better opportunity and this girl just became a distant memory to me.

Fast-forward till today, one of my colleagues one of my old colleagues sent me a picture of this lady’s newborn child as he thought that I and this Malaysian lady were good friends and he encouraged me to congratulate her. The picture of the baby was a cute baby boy with thick hair. But the sight of this baby gave me the chills. I felt something was really wrong and when I looked at the baby again, I felt that something was just really off.

I immediately went to find a baby picture of myself when I was young and my suspicions were right. My baby picture and this lady son’s picture were close to 90% similar. The baby was big and had thick hair, my mum used to tell me how I was a rare breed as I had extremely thick hair as a baby. And I was a big baby as well which contributed to my current height of 1.9meters. I even went online to find a pregnancy calculator and it was indeed accurate as well.

The Malaysian lady even took a picture together with her husband and her first child together with the baby and I believed that she actually told her husband that the baby was his. I did show a cropped out picture of the baby to my parents (without the parents) and even they told me that the kid looked like me.

Having a child that I could never acknowledge and letting them being raised by another father is something that I thought I wouldn’t even care about. But the sight of that little baby really hurt a lot and I couldn’t even sleep last night. The enjoyment of my small head has led me to regret my actions. I have yet to find someone who could give me some proper advice. I guess I would have to live with this for the rest of my life.

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