Monday, December 21, 2020

Nikon To End Camera Manufacturing In Japan; Shifts Production To Thailand

Japanese news agency Asahi has reported that Nikon is ending domestic camera production in the country. It is said that in an effort to reduce costs, the company is planning to shift all production from its Sendai factory (pictured above) in the Miyagi prefecture of Japan to its Thailand factory. 

The Sendai factory has been in operation since its opening in 1971, with its first manufactured product being the Nikon EM camera which was released in the same year. Since then, the facility has been the centerpiece for the company’s camera production and has provided technical assistance to its overseas production.

Nikon confirms that even though the factory is no longer manufacturing cameras, it will continue to be used as a start-up facility for new business endeavors. According to Nikon general manager of video division Hirotaka Ikegami, the Sendai factory will emphasise on production technology and mobility. 

He added that Nikon’s factories in Thailand will focus on producing “high-performance, high-precision parts” required for its camera products. According to several sources,  the company has reportedly started to move the manufacturing of its Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II cameras to the Thailand factories in October, and production for the Nikon D6 will also follow suit by the end of 2021.

The company previously announced that it is currently ceasing operations in Malaysia, with a complete exit slated for 1 January 2021. All of its imaging and industrial metrology businesses will be handed over to its local partners, namely Futuromic Photo AV Sdn Bhd and QES (Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd, respectively.

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