Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Nintendo Switch Update Allows Easier Screenshot Transfers To Phones And PC

Any owner of a Nintendo Switch will know that transferring screenshots is a very obtuse process. But with the latest software update, the process has been finally made a little more intuitive. Just a little though, especially if you want to transfer them to a phone.

Because to do so, you’ll need to use a QR code. From your Nintendo Switch album, select up to 10 images and one video, then select Sharing and Editing followed by Send to Smartphone. Then scan the QR code with your smart device. It’s not the best implementation, but it beats having to transfer them via microSD all the time.

The transfer process to PC is a lot more straightforward, and is a massive leap forward. Just connect a USB-C cable to your Nintendo Switch and your PC. Then on the Switch, look for Data Management in Settings, followed by Manage Screenshots and Videos, and finally, Copy to Computer.

It has always been odd that the Nintendo Switch had such an unnecessarily limited transfer process before. Beyond the microSD route, the only other way to transfer your captured media is to upload them to either Facebook or Twitter, which isn’t always ideal. At least now, it is more in line with the times. Other benefits as part of the update include having Nintendo Switch Online appear in the Home menu.


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