Wednesday, December 2, 2020

PS5 Fans Do Not Have The Same Number Of Blades


Among the problems faced by early PS5 adopters are noisy fans, among other more severe problems. But regarding the fan noise, its strange that many console owners are reporting noise levels that are so different from one another. And as it turns out, it is because the fans can be entirely different to begin with.

French tech website Les Numériques reports that tearing down its PS5 review unit shows a fan with 23 blades. Upon purchasing a retail console off a store, and it has 17 blades instead. Acquiring three more of the consoles ends up revealing three more different fans.

While this sort of explains the noisy PS5 situation, it’s not a nice answer. Generally, fans with more blades perform more efficiently, which means they can operate more quietly. But it’s not a nice thing to discover that, having been lucky enough to buy a PS5 to begin with, you need to be lucky enough to get one with a better fan.

On one hand, when you do get your console, you can just pop off the side panel and find out if you got doubly lucky. On the other, if you end up not being lucky enough, there’s pretty much nothing you can do besides endure whatever noise levels you end up with. After all, the number of consoles available are scarce enough as it is. And if it’s not overheating, it’s probably not reason enough for Sony Interactive Entertainment to accept a fan replacement request.

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