Wednesday, December 23, 2020

PS5 Update Notifies Players If They Launch Game’s PS4 Version

The PS5 allows for backwards compatibility for the PS4. But often it can be confusing as to which version of the game you’re launching on the console if you have both copies. Sony Interactive Entertainment looks to have solved this issue somewhat. This comes in the form of a new prompt that appears prior to running a game.

Twitter user Tidux shared a screenshot of what this prompt looks like. Though from the looks of it, this is limited to when you’re running the PS4 version of a game on the PS5, when you also own the version for the newer console.

For the most part, there shouldn’t be any reason to play the PS4 version of a game on the PS5 if you also own the version for the latter. That being said, getting access to the correct version wasn’t exactly an intuitive process before. It involved digging through a fair number of menus to make sure you selected the right option.

Now though, with the prompt, things are made a lot simpler. Though the fact that this wasn’t a thing from the start was a sticking point for the PS5. The Xbox Smart Delivery system is, as a result, often being cited as a point of comparison.

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