Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Romanian Gangs Are Stealing PlayStation 5 Consoles From Lorries, Fast And Furious Style


High-speed heists are usually scenarios that are played out over the Hollywood big screen and pulling off such stunts in real-life would typically end in tragedy, hence the disclaimer that such stunts should not be tried at home or by amateurs. For the gangsters in Romania, that disclaimer is clearly just a suggestion for them.

It seems that some Romanian gangs have taken to robbing Sony’s PlayStation 5 (PS5) deliveries – while in transit and before the consoles can even reach their destinations – in a manner that can only be described as something out of the Fast and Furious franchise.

Basically, the heist involves multiple cars working tandem; several vehicles box in the targeted PS5 lorries, bringing their cruising speed down to around 80km/h. At this point, one gang member will climb out from the car and begin to secure a rope through the lorry’s sunroof or hatch. Once that’s done, the gang member will attempt to gain access to the lorry – either through a crowbar or cutting tools – and proceed to toss out PS5 consoles to another crew member. Waiting in their car.

Interesting enough, this action-flick style of robbery isn’t an isolated incident and has been going on in Romania for years. According to The Times, the Romanian gangs have successfully robbed 27 lorries with this “rollover” method since September. Given the timing, it is presumed that these gangs are clearly eyeing trucks that they know are filled with high-end goods like the PS5, that were likely purchased ahead of Christmas.

As to why the gangs choose to hit delivery trucks in transit, the answer is simply because the vehicles are more vulnerable on the road. On that note, a former security manager has insisted that there is someone on the inside of the companies feeding these gangs information about the trucks, which of them are hauling PS5s, and the routes they take.

Sony’s PS5 is currently one of the world’s highly anticipated consoles, but its launch has been mired with a plethora of issues, ranging from mass bot purchases online, widespread scalping, to some couriers allegedly stealing them straight out of their boxes and replacing them with other items.

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