Friday, December 18, 2020

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Book Laptop Lineup For 2021

Samsung recently gave the world a glimpse of its Galaxy Book laptop lineup that will go on sale next year. The laptops in question are the Galaxy Book Flex 2, Galaxy Book Flex 2 5G, Galaxy Book Ion 2, and the Notebook Plus 2.

Starting the 5G and non-5G version of the Galaxy Book Flex 2, the laptops are 2-in-1 convertibles that come in two sizes: 13.3-inches and 15.6-inches. Regardless of size, both laptops are fitted with touchscreen displays and should come bundled with an S-Pen.

Beneath the hood, the Flex 2 is powered by Intel’s 11th generation Core CPU with Iris Xe integrated graphics and PCIe 4.0 SSDs. In regards to the discrete GPU, the 15.6-inch model will also feature an NVIDIA MX450 GPU. On another note, the 5G 13.3-inch version of the laptop won’t be getting an NVIDIA GPU, but it will reportedly ship out with a 13MP camera at the top of the keyboard. As for pricing, it starts from KRW1.84 million (~RM6754), while the 13.3-inch 5G model will retail for KRW2.73 million (~RM10021).

Next on the list is the Galaxy Ion 2. Like the Flex 2, this series will come in both 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch variants, while also retaining a really lightweight chassis. The 13.3-inch specifically weighing in at just 970g. Both laptops are powered by Intel 11th generation CPUs, but it is only the 15.6-inch that will have the choice of upgrading RAM and SSD storage capacity. That, and the option for an NVIDIA discrete GPU, although the source fails to specify if it is an MX450 or something more powerful.

Price-wise, the Galaxy Book Ion 2 is expected to start from KRW1.38 million (~RM5066) with the top of the line model costing KRW2.45 million (~RM8994).

Last but not least is the Samsung Notebook Plus 2, which is also Samsung’s powerhouse of the lineup. Beneath the hood, the laptop houses an 11th generation Intel Core processor, a PCIe 4.0 SSD storage configuration, and a choice between an NVIDIA MX450 or GeForce GTX 1650 Ti discrete GPU for some light to medium-level gaming. The laptop only comes with one display size and that is 15.6-inches. Depending on the configuration, pricing for the Notebook Plus 2 starts from KRW755000 (~RM2771) and peaks at KRW1.94 million (~RM7121).

At the time of writing, Samsung did not say when exactly its new laptops will be made available. However, it is unlikely that Samsung will be making them available in Malaysia, especially after it exited the country’s laptop market years ago.

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