Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Super Nintendo World Opens In Universal Studios Japan On 4 February


Universal Studios Japan has announced that it will have a Nintendo-themed area open next year. It’s called the Super Nintendo World, and the zone will be open on 4 February 2021.

If you’re familiar with the things that USJ does, you’ll know that it doesn’t hold back when it comes to its tie in theme zones. And it’s much the same story with Super Nintendo World. Its main attraction is a Mario Kart-themed rollercoaster, held in a reconstruction of Bowser’s castle. Those who want to go on it also get AR headsets that look like Mario’s hat.

Bloomberg reports that the Mario-themed area is quite small. And it would be odd if the Super Nintendo World only featured one of the Japanese publisher’s many franchises. But it looks like another subzone for Donkey Kong is also being made right next door. But it remains to be seen if this will be completed in time for the grand opening.

Unfortunately, unless you live in Japan, it’s probably difficult, if even possible, to go to USJ and experience the Super Nintendo World for yourself. And it will remain so until the situation with the pandemic improves, and travel restrictions get lifted.

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