Saturday, December 12, 2020

YouTube Launches HDR Support For Live Streaming Content


YouTube has announced that it has added high-dynamic range (HDR) support for live streaming on its platform. This would allow creators to present their live content in greater detail by enhancing contrast, shadows, and highlights – all processed in real-time.

The company explained via its official blog that creators are able to stream in the format as long as they are using supported encoders for their setups. These include the Mirillis Action! for software-based encoders and any hardware encoders such as Cobalt and Telestream, or those that feature HDR configurations as well as HLS output.

For cameras, on the other hand, users must ensure that their camera includes support for the format with either the PQ or HLG colour standards. YouTube also noted that for gaming content, creators must first check if the video game title they are playing features support for HDR output in its settings.

Meanwhile, YouTube noted that viewers who wish to enjoy live streams in HDR may do so via supported devices. These include HD TVs, Chromecast Ultra devices, Android-based mobile devices, as well as Windows and Mac PCs with HDR support and a compatible display. 

The company says that the new feature is available to both content creators and users starting today. Live streams viewed in the format will feature “HDR” in the video quality settings menu on the YouTube app or website’s video player.

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