Thursday, January 14, 2021

ASUS Releases First Teaser For ROG Phone 4

It is now in the third week of January of the new year and more companies are now preparing to build significant hype for their flagship smartphones. One of which is ASUS, which recently took to Weibo to officially announce its 2021 gaming smartphone, the ROG Phone 4.

Along with the announcement is a teaser image that suggests a new all-screen layout for the upcoming phone’s display. Its predecessor, the ROG Phone 3, also offered a large screen but with noticeable bezels on its sides and bottom – as well as its top, where the front facing camera and sensors are situated.

The newer device, on the other hand, is presumably teased to not feature any bezels surrounding its display, except for its “chin” area on the bottom. Interestingly, the image also suggests that the ROG Phone 4 may lack any form of in-display housing for its front facing camera, such as a notch or a punch-hole cutout. Which could mean that the new gaming phone might feature an alternative approach such as a pop-up camera module or maybe an under-display camera.

Specifications of the upcoming ASUS ROG Phone 4 are still a mystery at time, but an earlier leak suggests that it may feature the Snapdragon 888. A very likely candidate, given that the device’s predecessor featured Qualcomm’s last gen flagship chipset.

ASUS has yet to reveal an expected launch window for its upcoming gaming smartphone. Seeing that the company had only recently started campaigning for the ROG Phone 4, it may take weeks or maybe even months until we receive more details or actually see it in its full glory.

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