Friday, January 8, 2021

How Far Does Your Boss Go to Make Sure You Working, Invasive Employee Monitoring Tools

Have you ever thought about your employer monitoring you 24/7? If you work from home or use company device away from the office, your boss might know alot more about you than you think.

Common monitoring tools used by companies include:

-Taking screenshots of employees’ screens, making video recordings, and offering live video feeds
-Invisible installs and stealth monitoring features
-Instant Messaging app monitoring
-Remote desktop control
-Spying on employees’ mobile devices
-Complete communication logs
-VOIP calls spying
-Internet monitoring
-Mobile Keylogger
-Geofencing alerts
-GPS tracking
-Remote control of the infected device along with viewing and blocking specific apps
-Access to calendar, notes, and reminders
-Surroundings audio recording capability
-Taking over phone’s camera, making screenshots, and the ability to see all multimedia content on the infected device

Bosses, do you do this and does it cause any problem between you and your employee?

Employees, did you find a way to hide from your company's spying software?

List of popular employee monitoring software:

Risks of employee monitoring:

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