Monday, January 18, 2021

IO Interactive Confirms Hitman 3 Arrival For Nintendo Switch Via Cloud This Month

IO Interactive recently reaffirmed fans that the Cloud Version of Hitman 3 is definitely landing on the Nintendo Switch, at the same as the PC and all other major consoles. The major difference between this version and others being that Switch owners will require a constant connection to the internet in order to play.

The announcement was made by the game’s developer via its official Twitter account, albeit being very brief. That said, there have been several videos posted by multiple game sites and YouTubers, giving us a glimpse of Hitman 3’s vast, toy-filled, and technique-rich assassination sandbox.

One of the main, if not primary reason a Switch owner may want to purchase and play the Cloud version of the game is that it gives them access to features and graphical aesthetics that would otherwise only be available on high-end PCs and next-gen consoles. Case in point, real-time ray-tracing.

On another note, this isn’t the only Cloud version game Nintendo is launching on the Switch. Back in October, the console maker also announced that Remedy’s noir science fiction title, Control would also be given the cloud treatment, giving players access to a version of the game with higher fidelity.

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