Friday, January 1, 2021

Nurse have sex with covid patient

Indonesian authorities respond after nurse 'strips off PPE to have sex with COVID patient' in hospital toilet

A nurse has been suspended after she admitted to stripping off her PPE to have sex with a man infected with COVID in a hospital toilet.

The shocking incident, which could see both the nurse and the patient prosecuted, came to light after the man boasted about the fling on social media.

After the post went viral, the man was questioned along with the nurse that he allegedly had sex with, and both admitting the story was true and took place in the toilet after the woman had removed her PPE.

The nurse was reportedly working at the Wisma Atlet quarantine facility in Jakarta, Indonesia, at the time.

Authorities tested the pair for COVID-19 after the confession and the man was found to still be positive while the nurse tested negative.

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