Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Sony Officially Unveils Its Upcoming Airpeak Drone

Aside from showcasing its Vision-S concept car during CES 2021, Sony also took the opportunity to unveil its first ever aerial drone, the Airpeak. The drone is shown to be involved in the filming of the concept car’s test drive in a series of videos provided by the company.

The Airpeak features quad-propellers, a front-facing camera with motorised gimbal, AI-powered distance sensor, and retractable landing gear. Most importantly, Sony revealed that it is designed to be the smallest drone that is capable of carrying and operating an Alpha mirrorless camera during flights. It is not known whether the front camera and mounted Alpha camera are operated independently or simultaneously.

Other than that, the company did not reveal much details regarding its upcoming drone, save for what was demonstrated in the videos shown during its CES presentation. According to Sony’s initial announcement of the Airpeak back in November of last year, the drone will utilise AI Robotics for flight and safety features, as well as video recording capabilities.

Seeing that the Airpeak is designed for professional users such as filmmakers or TV production companies, it is very likely that the drone may come with a very hefty price tag. We’ll find out soon enough when Sony is ready to launch the device sometime in Spring of 2021. 

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