Monday, January 25, 2021

Sony Teases New Alpha Camera Announcement Happening On 26 January

Unlike the A7 series, the A9 models mainly focuses on speed which makes them an ideal choice for sports and wildlife photographers. Both the original model and the A9 II offers higher burst shooting capability and buffer memory,  as well as added functionalities for professional users.

Whether Sony plans to introduce a direct successor to the series with the introduction of the A9 III or a different variant (ala A7c or A7s) is up to anyone’s guess. But various rumour mills including sites such as the aptly named Mirrorless Rumors and Sony Alpha Rumors strongly believe that the new camera will be an A9 model regardless.

Other unofficial sources claim that the new device will come with a sensor that is approximately 50MP and also include 8K video recording capability. If Sony is indeed introducing a new A9 model, it is quite plausible that it may focus on providing improved speed performances in terms of image processing and continuous shooting. That being said, a higher resolution for photos and videos is still a welcomed inclusion for users nonetheless.

For those interested,  you can check out the upcoming Alpha event on 26 January at 12am Japan time (11pm Malaysian time on the 25th). Sony will be live streaming the announcement via its official YouTube channel and AlphaUniverse website.

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