Wednesday, January 20, 2021

unifi Is Making Its “Best” Channels Free Until 1 February

As it has done before last year, unifi is making a number of its channels free to subscribers. The idea behind it is also the same, to have people stay home during the current MCO. And all unifi subscribers will have access to these additional channels for two weeks, until 1 February 2021.

That being said, this current edition of two-week free channels do come with some important fine print. As you’ll probably gather by now, not all channels will be free this time around. TM’s announcement is rather obtuse, and doesn’t list which channels are free to its subscribers. Instead, the company lists down the ones that are not.

There are 18 channels in this list:

      1. FOX Movies HD
      2. FOX Action Movies HD
      3. FOX Family Movies HD
      4. FOX Sports HD
      5. FOX Sports 2 HD
      6. FOX Sports 3 HD
      7. National Geographic Channel HD
      8. Nat Geo Wild HD
      9. Nat Geo People HD
      10. FOX HD
      11. FOX Life HD
      12. FX HD
      13. SCM Legend HD
      14. SCM HD
      15. SCC HD
      16. Baby TV
      17. Sky News HD
      18. France24
Beyond these exceptions, it’s safe to say that every other premium channel offered by unifi TV is free to subscribers. These can be accessed via the Media Box that came with your subscription, or via the mobile app unifi playTV.

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