Sunday, January 3, 2021

Xiaomi Mi 11 vs The iPhone 12 Pro Max, Using AX6000 Router to Test WiFi Speeds

Xiaomi Demos Its Wi-Fi 6E AX6000 Router by Pitting the Xiaomi Mi 11 Against The iPhone 12 Pro Max

Xiaomi recently made its first Wi-Fi 6E router official. The Mi Router AX6000 is priced at CNY 599 (about $91) and is currently available for reservation in China and will be going on its first sale on January 8. It is chuck-full of next-get Wi-Fi features, which we will mention shortly. However, it's difficult to properly get a sense of the new technology, without a practical illustration. In a short clip, Xiaomi did just that, placing the Mi Router AX6000 in the center of a huge stadium and then testing the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max and the recently-launched Xiaomi Mi 11 for Wi-Fi speed at different angles and distances. The goal was to see how much of the 800 Mbps broadband bandwidth going into the router would ultimately end-up transmitted to each phone.

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