Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Breaking : Texas is under winter storm, first time in history..

FIVE million homes were hit by power cuts and at least nine people died as Winter Storm Uri plunged swathes of America into a deep freeze and a killer tornado has destroyed homes in North Carolina.

A state of emergency was declared in Texas, where wind turbines froze and generators were shut down as temperatures fell to the lowest in decades and hundreds of cars crashed on icy roads.

President Biden has offered federal assistance to Texas, where all 254 counties in Texas were under a winter storm warning for the first time.

Some 1,600 flights were cancelled amid the chaos as temperatures fell to as -8F (-22C), with wind chill of -20F (-29C).

The extreme weather conditions have also caused the closing of COVID-19 vaccination sites across the country.

States including Missouri, Alabama, Kentucky, Indiana and New Hampshire have already paused vaccinations because of the weather.

On Monday some 4.7million people woke up to a blackout in the Lone Star state.

Chris Tomlinson is a reporter with the Houston Chronicle based in Austin and says COVID-19 is making the situation even more difficult, as Texas sees some of the coldest temperatures in more than 30 years.

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