Sunday, February 14, 2021

Nurflix’s User Data Temporarily Appeared On Google Search

First introduced in July last year, Nurflix is a local streaming service that is focused on Islamic contents and is apparently the first of such service in Malaysia that is said to be Syariah-compliant. After being in the trial period for the past few months, the service has begun to offer paid subscription to customers earlier this month.

It has recently been discovered that some of Nurflix’s user accounts could be found through Google Search. As discovered by Amanz, among the information that was revealed through the search engine includes user names and e-mail addresses:

Clicking on these Nurflix accounts that were shown on Google Search would not reveal further information about them though as one still requires a password in order to access them. In general, it is possible that the admins of Nurflix may have overlooked their settings and have allowed Google to index some areas of its website that should be off-limits to the public.

If that sounds familiar to you, that is because it has happened to WhatsApp several times before. Meanwhile, it seems that Nurflix has managed to quickly fix the issue as when we ran the search keyword once again tonight, we were provided with a different result altogether.

However, the fix was done rather quietly though as the company didn’t issue any official statement regarding the matter through any of its social media channels until now.

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