Tuesday, February 9, 2021

OM Digital Solutions Will Retain Olympus Branding For Now; New Products Confirmed

Sometimes change is inevitable, and coping with it can be challenging for those who are affected. Understanding this, OM Digital Solutions CTO Setsuya Kataoka told Japanese news outlet Asahi that the company will retain using the Olympus brand for its products, despite the recent change of hands earlier this year.

Kataoka explains that he doesn’t want the abrupt change of branding to cause “anxiety” and confusion to fans. “At least for the time being, we will use ‘Olympus,’” he said. “However, is it better to move away from Olympus as an entity and continue to work under the name Olympus? I want to think about it.”

The CTO did not reveal how long OM Digital Solutions plans to retain on using the original branding before switching to its own.

The newly established company’s name itself is actually a clever tribute to Olympus’ popular OM-D cameras, which should work well with long time followers of the product. As pointed out by the company’s CEO (and former Olympus executive) Shigemi Sugimoto via its official website, the name “OM” is a homage to the Olympus Maitani system, which revolutionised the imaging business’ camera designs in 1972.

When asked regarding the split from Olympus, Kataoka explained that cost reduction and structural reforms were necessary for the camera business to survive, especially with the recent camera market decline. “If the camera market shrinks, we will make products simpler, deliver them, and sell them to our customers. In order to create a structure that can do that, it is better to be independent of Olympus and to be able to do various things with our own difference so that we can continue our business,” he added.

The CTO also revealed to Asahi that “more than one” Olympus-branded products will be unveiled by OM Digital Solutions, and would have “special features” that will excite fans. Kataoka hinted that these new devices are expected to launch by late 2021. “I can’t tell you when, but I’m working hard now,” he added.

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