Sunday, March 14, 2021

Microsoft Rolls Out Update For Disconnecting Xbox Series X Controller Issue

It appears that Microsoft quietly rolled out an update to fix some of the issues that have plagued the Xbox Series X controller, chief among which being the disconnecting issue. In addition, it has also introduced new features.

As a quick recap, some owners of the Xbox Series X controllers took their complaints online, when their controllers started disconnecting intermittently, in intervals of 10 seconds, and for about five times. For gamers, it’s an issue that would effectively destroy the gaming experience.

Now, the new features and fixes aren’t technically being listed in the update’s official patch notes, but Jason Ronald, Xbox Program Manager, did assure owners of the controllers that the fixes are live. As for the new features, the update now gives users the option to toggle FPS boost and auto-HDR settings. To be clear, both those features launched last month; the new update merely gives users the option to turn them off and on.

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