Sunday, March 14, 2021

myTukar To Handle Trade-Ins For Mitsubishi Motors’ Online Showroom

Used car e-commerce platform myTukar is set to handle vehicle trade-ins requested through Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia’s new online showroom. This strategic partnership between the two parties is aimed at easing customers’ buying process, which has dramatically changed as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Launched only recently, the Mitsubishi online showroom guides users through the entire browsing and buying process. myTukar steps in when customers want to trade in their current vehicle to help pay for a new one.

Users will have to complete and submit a form with all the relevant trade-in information, and then wait to be contacted by myTukar. It’s not exactly revolutionary, but Mitsubishi is essentially connecting users with a third party which actually deals in used cars.

myTukar CEO Fong Hon Sum said, “The collaboration will leverage on myTukar’s proprietary technology-enabled platform to provide Mitsubishi Motors with an instant, simplified and transparent valuation to ultimately enhance its retail customer experience.”

The platform’s involvement here is part of Mitsubishi’s efforts to digitise in an era of social distancing. As such, the Mitsubishi online showroom boasts 360-degree views of car exteriors and interiors, with zooming and navigation in every direction. And since May last year, the company has provided test drives at locations specified by customers.

myTukar itself has recently been on a partnership and collaboration drive. As previously reported, it had only inked a deal with EON to be its automobile trade-in partner. While it’s famously known for Proton, EON also operates dealerships for Mitsubishi.

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