Thursday, March 4, 2021

Razer Anzu Smart Glasses Are The Brand’s First Digital Eyewear Product: Available Now For RM 1090

From mouse and keyboard to gaming laptops and fintech platform, Razer seems to already have a lot of things on its plate. Nevertheless, the company has expanded its product lineup once again by unveiling the new Razer Anzu Smart Glasses.

In general, the arrival of Anzu marked the company’s entry into the eyewear market. Consumers can choose to have the new glasses with either a round or rectangle frame and regardless of their choice, each Anzu comes standard with two sets of lenses.

One of them is a pair that has 35 per cent blue light filtering capability and are designed to lessen the eyestrain of those who use digital devices for a prolonged time. Razer has also included a set of polarized lenses with 99 per cent UVA and UVB protection which allow owners to transform Anzu into sunglasses.

Meanwhile, the Anzu is also equipped with built-in Bluetooth speakers and an omnidirectional microphone inside both of its temples. Users can control music playback, answer or make calls, and activate smartphone’s voice assistants through the touch sensors that are located on the front-end of the temples.

Designed to be splash-proof, Razer claimed that its IPX4-certified glasses has a battery life of more than 5 hours. It is not known at the moment when Anzu will make its way into retail stores locally but you already able to purchase the new glasses directly from Razer’s Asia Pacific store for RM 1,090 although do note that this price tag does not include the store’s shipping fee.

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