Monday, March 15, 2021

Singapore Trials Autonomous Robots For Delivery Services

Our neighbour down south, Singapore, is currently running trials for using autonomous robots in delivery services. Two of such robots have been rolled out as part of the pilot in Punggol. More specifically, the test involves seven Waterway Woodcress HDB apartment blocks.

The two robots will be accompanied by safety officers during the trial period. Each of them weigh 80kg, which is about as much as a person. Interestingly, it is also capable of speeds of 5km/h, which is also around the average walking speed of a person. It’s equipped with 3D LiDAR sensors, a camera, sonar and two weatherproof compartments with a total carrying capacity of 100l.

These robots also add to the usual delivery use case scenario. Rather than following an online retailer’s schedule, customers can choose when they would like their items delivered. They will also be able to get notifications for when the bots are on the way, and when they have arrived. Naturally, users will need a smartphone app for this. The app will then also be used to scan a QR code, to ensure that its contents are collected by the right person.

According to CNA, the trial started back in February, and will last for a year. Considering the fact that the trial has just barely started, it may be awhile before we hear more of what Singapore has planned.

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