Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Square Enix Reportedly Planning On Several Remakes Of Specific Franchise

It’s being alleged that Square Enix currently has remakes of several series on the assembly line. Moreover, the Japanese video game studio and developer has brought on Forever Entertainment, the studio behind the Panzer Dragoon Remake, as its partner in this endeavour.

Both the deal and partnership was announced by Forever Entertainment via a press release, translated from Polish into English by a forum member of Resetera. It reveals that the Polish studio entered into a deal to make multiple remakes, all reportedly stemming from a “single intellectual property”.

As to what that IP is, both Square Enix and Forever Entertainment are, unfortunately, keeping mum and choosing to withhold that information from the masses. Until a time they deem to be appropriate, naturally.

It’s not a secret that Square Enix has been on something of a remake kick of late, the most obvious example being last year’s release of Final Fantasy VII Remake, although the entirety of the remake was handled internally. It is also undeniable that the company has a sizable library of video game IPs that includes the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex franchise.

In any case, it’s clear that we’re all just going to have to adopt a wait-and-see stance with the two studios. Who knows, maybe we’ll hear something during the digital platform at E3 this year.

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