Monday, March 15, 2021

Watch Dogs Legion Will Get Cross-Play At Some Point In The Future

Ubisoft initially planned for the multplayer component for Watch Dogs Legion to launch on 9 March. Ultimately though. the publisher has decided to delay the multplayer component on PC indefinitely. And while the mode is available on consoles, the main co-op mode, Tactical Ops, has been pushed back. Though for what it’s worth, the publisher says that cross-play and cross-platform progression is still on the way.

In a tweet responding to another player, the official Watch Dogs Twitter account said that the dev team is working on adding this feature to Legion. Though it will be added in a future update, no exact date was given.

Naturally, enabling cross-play isn’t exactly on top of Ubisoft’s priority list. As it should be, since Watch Dogs Legion still needs its multiplayer component to work properly. And with there being no word on when players can expect that to be fixed, anything else beyond that would naturally also not have a concrete release date.

That being said, there’s also the question of if Ubisoft can fix the issues plaguing Watch Dogs Legion before players lose interest. The game was released back in October last year. Those who got the game early would likely have been done with the singleplayer campaign by now. Even the promised Bloodline DLC has yet to drop.

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