Wednesday, June 7, 2017

10 Least Stressed-Out Countries In The World

1. Iceland

Iceland takes the top spot when it comes to lower stress levels. With a mere population of 300000, the country boasts 100% literacy rate and is reported to have the lowest level of economic crisis. This gives the country a completely different perspective as the place is open to all sectors of the society and thus is one of the safest countries to be at. If we speak about crimes, the rate is 1.8 per 100,000 people which means there is practically non-existence of any crimes.

2. Denmark

Denmark occupies the second spot in terms of low stress levels. It has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. The work life balance of this country is completely admirable which is why it is also known as the happiest country in the world. The country is known for its lowest corruption rate although the taxation system of the country is high. In short, it enjoys the completely fruit social democracy.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand is another country which is minimally populated and has fewer stress jobs which give them the third spot. The country is known for its friendliness and welfare benefits. All the profound lovers of rugby can find no better place than this.

Keeping all the things aside, it is also the scenic beauty that makes it a perfect tourist attraction too. So the people who are looking for peace and permanent settlement can have no better than this country.

4. Austria

Austria is the fourth country to have the least stress levels. One thing that makes this country completely distinct is its voting system. Unlike other countries, the people of this country can vote at the mere age of 16.

The country has a completely clean, green environment and an impeccable transport system. Besides these factors, the country also boasts of a lower crime rate and is one the cheapest tourist attractions to be at. The place also gives birthplace to the famous Tranquini.

5. Switzerland

The work life balance and low-stress jobs make this country as one of the happiest and healthiest countries of the world. The Switzerland’s government has invested heavily in their people, which have led to excellent education system, health services, and greater employment benefits.

The place is famous for sports enthusiasts and is known for skiing resorts, football, and cricket. Apart from all this, the banking system of this country is another aspect that is known all over the world, and that should be admired.

6. Japan

Unlike other countries, Japan is known for cleanest public bathrooms all over the world. The people of this country are very polite, and the transportation system is already renowned. They also have some of the best cuisines.

Japan is already known for its hard working people, which directly led to technological advancement in a very short span of time. Coming to the fact that the country went under several calamities and natural disasters, still it has maintained a very high level of living.

7. Finland

Finland is another country, which is known for its lower stress levels. The place is known for its eternal darkness. There are no biases in gender classification, practically zero corruption rate, and has the best education system in the world.

Right from the childhood, the people living here are taught the importance of taking fresh air, which also means that they have lowest levels of ADHD. So the people looking for a perfect work-life balance can have no better option than Finland.

8. Canada

If we speak about the average household income, then it is the highest for this country. This is one of the major reasons for Canada to be in the list of countries that have low stress levels. Excellent work opportunities available in this place directly lead to low-stress jobs. Canada is not only a peaceful country but also has a stable economy.

9. Sweden

Another country which finds its name on the list of most stress-free countries in the world is none other than Sweden. People who are in love with the winters and who are looking for lots of snow for their mental satisfaction should find no better place than this.

The country’s great work life balance can be explained by the fact that paternity leaves that the employees get — it’s 15 months. This country also has the highest standard of living and offers a great welfare. So the ranking of this country can be justified via this.

10. Belgium

Belgium is known for some of the best beer and chocolates in the world. If you are a profound lover of rainy reasons, then Belgium is the place that should not be missed out. However, it is also reported to be the world’s least stressed out countries.

The transport systems are not only easily accessible but also are too good. The place boasts some of the best castles, museums, and wonderful old towns to visit. Paris is only 70 minutes from this place all because of the high-speed train the country has.

Now choose your favorite country and enjoy your life!

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