Monday, September 24, 2018

iOS 12 Has Been Jailbroken By Alibaba’s Cybersecurity Division

It appears that Apple’s iOS 12 isn’t as secured as the company has led most of us to believe. Merely hours after its release last week, the mobile OS was jailbroken by Pandora Labs, a cybersecurity division under Alibaba.

The act of jailbreaking iOS 12 was initially posted in the form of a short video on Weibo, and was then picked up and posted by Yalu Jailbreak (@Yalujb) on Twitter. In it, you can see the jailbreaking of iOS 12 being done on what appears to be the iPhone X. After the software was activated and had completed its task, the user in the video then resets the phone. To which we then see the iPhone X unlocking itself without Face ID or a password. Followed by a screenshot of the jailbreak app and the words “Your phone is pwned”.

This isn’t the first time that vulnerabilities within Apple’s iOS has come to the surface. Prior to the release of iOS 12, a crack developed by Israeli company Cellebrite was created in order to exploit and break into any device using iOS 11. This was when Apple refused the US FBI access to the phone of the suspect involved in the San Bernadino shooting two years ago.
At the time of writing, Apple has not issued any statements regarding the jailbreaking of iOS 12. However, Yalu Jailbreak does point out in its tweets that it’s highly unlikely that the jailbreak code will ever see the light of day. On account that Pandora Labs never releases it to the general public.

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