Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Twitter Live Streams Will Sit At The Top Of Your Feed

If there are any live streams from accounts that you follow, Twitter wants you to see them before anything else. To that effect, when an account you follow starts a stream and tweets about it, it will be at the top of your feed.

This feature is likely added under the assumption that whenever there’s a live feed happening, it’s something that needs to be known immediately. Kind of like news, but covering broader topics, like a celebrity of sport you follow. Of course, this also applies to any friends’ live video.

Answering questions to Twitter user Lesley Goyns, Twitter’s Software Engineer Sara Haider said that the videos won’t start until you tap on them. That ensures that streams don’t eat into your limited data allowance when you don’t want them to. You also have the option to dismiss individual broadcasts or see specific people less often.
And finally, this will be a feature that’s being rolled out globally, and will be available soon, if not now, on iOS and Android.

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