Friday, October 19, 2018

Discord Silently Revokes Users’ Right To Sue With Stealth TOS Update

Discord has silently updated its Terms of Service (TOS). Twitter user Vivian Aeon points out that The stealth update adds a clause, stating that users will not be able to congregate as a class action lawsuit.

Basically, this means that when Discord slips up, you won’t be able to sue as a group, and will have to individually go through arbitration. This means that while users will still be able to sue, they’ll have to individually bear the cost of the legal process, and the damage done to the company will not be as great.

The easiest scenario to imagine is if and when Discord gets hacked, and your personal data gets leaked. This move is all sorts of shady, to say the least. And yet, in the wake of relatively frequent data breaches, it’s hard to say that no one saw this coming.
We’re no law experts, so we don’t know if this is applicable to Discord users in Malaysia, or only in the United States. Either way, there’s an option to opt out of this clause. This is done by sending an email to using the email tied to your discord account.

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