Thursday, October 25, 2018

You Can Soon Pin Songs To Your Facebook Profile and Stories

Facebook will soon give you the ability to add songs to your profile page, as well as to photos and videos on Facebook Stories. From the sound of it, it’s going to be a lot like the previous generation of social media.

To start, you are able to add music to your Facebook Stories starting from today onwards. Just upload a photo or video – or take one using Facebook Camera – then tap on the sticker icon, followed by the music sticker.

After you choose your track, you then get to choose the part of the song that best describes your Story. The actual sticker will have the name of the song and artist in it, and you’re free to move that around like any other sticker.
In the near future, Facebook will also be adding a new music section to the top of your profile page. You can pin one song – be it one that you’re listening to, or your all-time favorite.
If a visitor plays the song from there, they’ll hear a clip of the song, and a clip featuring photos of the artist and album art will accompany the music. They’ll then be able to add the song to their own profile page or visit the artist’s Facebook page.
Last but not least, Facebook has also announced some updates for the Lip Sync Live feature which the company unveiled back in June. It now comes with lyrics to the songs you chose and you can also use the feature on pages as well.
It remains to be seen if the selection is wide enough to cater to those who want to use non-mainstream music though.

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