Thursday, April 9, 2020


Is food really the only thing in his mind ? There is a Chinese saying “Man Yi Sik Wai Sin” (eating is people’s first priority), this star is closely related to creation of food in oppose to eating it. This has everything to do with enjoyment, fantasizing, dreaming, a very internalized skill. Traditionally, food creation is the highest form of art, the ability to blend color, fragrance and taste together in multitude of way that is pleasing to he look, magnetic to the smell and awesome to the taste bud. This person will need to be very creative in usage of ingredient, how to combine them, how to separate them. In the modern world we can describe such person is of high IQ. This separate between those that have knowledge and those that used knowledge.
Knowledge is just potential power, Eating God is the master of using it.
Creativity, eccentricity and perfectionist are some term that is closely related to Eating God. They are often introvert and appearing not to share stuff or to remain secretive. Main reason is that you do not understand their world, they know you won’t understand, so the don’t want to waste precious time that can be spend to perfect their work in to explaining thing that you will not understand. They are very prone in spinning in circle, so do not expect result to come out instantly. They are very open to exploration of idea, trying out new branches. You can often see this in artist, writer, inventor … many project or peaces is keep under wrapped and was never “finish” or live to see the light of da

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