Friday, April 17, 2020

Second Generation iPhone SE May Come with 3GB RAM and 1821mAh Battery

After being rumoured for quite some time, Apple has finally launched the new second generation iPhone SE last night. The announcement of the device was received with quite a fanfare as many have commented on its price point which will start at under RM 2,000 in Malaysia.

This is despite the fact that the second generation iPhone SE is also powered by the same A13 Bionic chip. Nevertheless, it is still not hard to see why the phone costs that low for an iPhone as it is equipped with smaller display, a single rear camera, and lower resolution front camera.

If the information from a reseller in China is correct which claimed that the second generation iPhone SE comes with 3GB of RAM, having a smaller memory could be the reason as well. While we already know that the new phone comes with a smaller battery, the same reseller has also claimed that the model features a 1821mAH battery which is the same capacity as per iPhone 8.
Of course, there is no way for now to know the real RAM size and battery capacity inside the newly announced second generation iPhone SE. However, we are quite confident that the answer will be revealed soon enough; likely through teardowns by the folks such as iFixit.

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