Friday, May 15, 2020

Celcom Has iPhone SE Postpaid Plans Starting From RM57

With the Apple iPhone SE in the market, local telcos are also offering plans for subscribers to own the phone. With Celcom, You can get it either as part of the EasyPhone Own installment, or to pay a sum for the phone up front. Either way, you’ll of course have to also sign up for one of its MEGA postpaid plans.

For the EasyPhone Own installments, you can get the 64GB iPhone SE for between RM57 and RM66 a month, depending on which Pass add-on you pick. The range goes up to between RM64 and RM73 a month for the 128GB model, and from RM83 to RM92 a month for 256Gb of internal storage.

If you want to pay for the iPhone SE in one go, then the price of the phone is from RM458 to RM1108 for the base 64GB model. This range goes up to between RM646 and RM1288, and between RM1098 and RM1748 for the 128GB and 256GB versions, respectively.

All plans are tied to a 24-month contract. You can find the exact breakdown for each MEGA postpaid plan pass add-ons and the resulting iPhone SE devices on Celcom’s page, linked below.

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