Friday, May 15, 2020

Digi Postpaid Plans For iPhone SE Start From RM53 A Month

The Apple iPhone SE has entered the local market, and telcos have begun offering subsidised plans for them as well. Digi is offering the phone as part of its Freedom 365 program, starting from as low as RM53 a month.

These apply to the Digi Postpaid plans, ranging from the Postpaid 80 with GBoost to the Postpaid 190 plans. Minus the cost of the plans themselves, the price of the iPhone SE range from RM53 to RM68 for the 64GB model, RM60 to RM75 for 128GB and RM79 to RM94 for 256GB.

In addition to these, Digi is also offering plans that bundle the iPhone SE with an Apple Watch Series 5. You can’t pick the 64GB version of the phone for this though. With that out of the way, the phone and watch bundles range from RM151 to RM166 for the 128GB model iPhone SE, and RM170 to RM185 for the 256GB version.

Note that these prices are for the 40mm Apple Watch. You can have the 44mm model for an additional RM6 across the board.

All these plans come with a 24-month contract, as you’d probably expect. You can find out more on the individual plans from Digi’s website, linked below.

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