Friday, May 1, 2020

Facebook: 93% Of Malaysians Share Their Purchases Via Messaging Apps

There’s no denying that the month of Ramadan and the COVID-19 pandemic make for an odd combination. Facebook has recently conducted a study on people’s daily routines during this time, with some interesting results. And it goes without saying that this year’s month of Ramadan makes things a little different compared to before.

One of the most interesting figures Facebook shared was that 93% of Malaysians share their purchases through messaging apps. Prior to actually making the purchase, 45% of people globally searched for information on deals on Facebook.
The Facebook research also shows that 72% of Malaysians did not know what exactly they wanted to buy, or where to buy them from, before shopping online. As a result of this, 58% of Malaysians learn about new products, and even brands, via social media. But on the flip side, 86% of Malaysians make comparisons online before buying something.
With the COVID-19 pandemic, people are also looking for products and services that prioritise their health and wellbeing. The Facebook research shows that 65% of consumers are looking out for such messaging from brands and their products. 48% of consumers are also actually spending more on personal hygiene products.
And more generally, the pandemic has changed our spending behaviours too. About 52% of people are spending less on leisure activities, while 32% of people are taking their shopping activities online.

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