Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Indonesian Influencer Auctions Virginity Starting, At RM591,000 For COVID-19 Relief!

A lot of people have come forward in different ways to help out during this COVID-19 pandemic. It’s nice to see people from all walks of life trying to make a difference.

While many celebrities and influencers have come forward to donate to COVID funds, some found other ways to help the society fight the pandemic. One such influencer is Sarah Salsabila otherwise known as Sarah Kiehl to her online followers.

Sarah Kiehl is an Indonesian influencer who went viral after announcing that she would be auctioning her virginity to help raise funds for the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a now-deleted video on her Instagram account, Sarah said that the starting bid for her virginity will be at Rp.2Milyar (approx. RM591,000) and 100% of the proceeds will go to COVID fighters and those affected by the pandemic.

Following the announcement, Sarah received massive backlash and criticism from the public resulting in the removal of the said video. Later, Sarah issued a public apology claiming that it was merely a joke. This was again not taken lightly by netizens.

According to a video published by Tribun Jabar, the Instagrammer could be seen weeping in tears while issuing her public apology and explaining why she did so.

Sarah clarified that the content she posted was meant to be sarcastic and directed to the public who were not being sensitive to the COVID-19 situation. She also says that she did not mean to sound insensitive.

In the video, Sarah profusely apologises and says she realises her mistake now. She also says that she will make amends by donating groceries to the needy.

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