Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Rumor: Ben Affleck To Return To Batman For Showdown With Deathstroke

 We are getting the Snyder Cut of Justice League in 2021, all the more reason to check out HBO Max, and David Ayer hopes his cut of Suicide Squad may follow. And with AT&T keeping the conversation going on social media, and with anything possible, there’s more.

The Cultured Nerd posted in an exclusive AT&T and Warner Bros. just might want Ben Affleck to return to the cape and cowl and finish his Batman movie where the Dark Knight was slated to face Deathstroke, played by Joe Manganiello.

They stated, “Sources close to TCN have informed us that AT&T and WarnerMedia wants Ben Affleck to return as Batman, and also to resume work to adapt his original script for “The Batman” that originally featured Batman Vs Deathstroke.”

To support their exclusive they showed AT&T’s Twitter chumming the waters. Tagged in a post inquiring about Affleck’s future as Batman, they responded rhetorically, “Who knows what the future holds?”

Two days later, AT&T liked this tweet boasting about the release of the Snyder Cut:
Affleck was hard at work on his solo Batman, as writer/director/star, in the wake of the version of Justice League released in 2017 that was tinkered with greatly by Joss Whedon and Geoff Johns.

Development would go on for a year or more before Matt Reeves joined the project as the new director and Affleck bowed out entirely. He would later say on multiple occasions he had trouble cracking the script and that he was “not Batman” anymore.

Matt Reeves’ The Batman is still in production and shows no sign of stopping despite COVID-19 shutdowns and consistent delays. If Joker, Arrowverse, and the Snyder Cut prove anything the multiverse is very much at play and one Batman can co-exist with another.

That is already occurring. The Snyder Cut is coming out on HBO Max the same year Robert Pattinson swoops into theaters with his and Reeves’ humanist, non-hero bent. Whether one outshines the other remains to be seen.

Cultured Nerd added a note they used Spanish-language Youtuber and DC fan La Hoguera de Gotham “as a confirmation source when preparing” their story.

Ben Affleck playing Batman one more time could be fun to see. Cultured Nerd notes Affleck looks in shape as of late. He may be readying for another crack at the Bat either in the Snyder Cut or for his movie.

But, Affleck has also shown signs recently he’s still dealing with the demon of alcoholism that smote him for years – one more barely disclosed reason he walked away. He could hardly stand in front of TMZ cameras after a Halloween party and a night of drinking last year.

Consider this too: AT&T’s Twitter is run by an anonymous person or group, possibly a revolving door, of people at their office. He/she/they work for the company and are a spokesperson in this case, but it doesn’t mean they are privy to negotiations, plans at the studio level, or what goes on in the boardroom.

They may have an amount of leeway as long as they talk about the product. Like the rest of us, they might just be fans spitballing ideas and having fun.

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