Sunday, May 10, 2020

Michelle Yim, 64, Says She Gargles Salt Water To Stay Youthful

Turns out that the secret to everlasting youth isn’t that out of this world after all. Hongkong actress Michelle Yim, who has long been hailed by netizens for her age-defying looks, just revealed in an interview her secrets to looking fresh-faced.

And boy, are these secrets simple.

The 64-year-old says: “I have a few [anti-aging] tips. Gargling with salt water, using hot towels to wipe my face, drinking more warm water and lemon water, and adding more garlic to my food to boost my immunity. Of course, you have to exercise as well, marching on the spot at home can replace going for a walk outside, as long as you’re not laying about at home all day.”

Michelle recently appeared in the drama Forensic Heroes IV as a famous Cantonese opera singer, receiving high praise from viewers for her acting. According to Michelle, it was a very demanding role, not just because of the stunts she had to perform on stage but also 'cos of the heavy make-up needed to get into character.

“There was tape stuck near my eyebrows and eyes, pulling them back to my hairline to give a 'face-lift' effect. With three lines of tape on each side of my face, closing my eyes to rest was hard. I still had to get my make-up done after that. As the many layers of make-up was applied, I was reminded of the phrase, ‘Beauty is pain’. I have no choice, I am vain, so I’m willing to bear all these [inconveniences],” she adds.

Forensic Heroes IV also gave Michelle a chance to reunite onscreen with Hongkong actor Patrick Tse. The last time the duo acted opposite each other was 24 years ago in 1996 ATV drama King of Gamblers.​​​​​​​

“It's really a rare opportunity to act alongside Patrick! Patrick is super stylish, and even when he’s just standing still, he oozes charm. In the drama, [he plays] my teacher, he scolds and hits me, and even fights with me over the flag of our troupe. It’s really a love-hate relationship. Of course, Patrick is a totally different man off screen, and he has no airs. He makes a total change once the cameras are on, so it’s very addictive to act alongside him. I really feel and respect his professionalism,” gushes Michelle.

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