Sunday, May 10, 2020

You Now Required To Obtain QR Permit Through Gerak Malaysia Before Making The Interstate Journey

In yet another change to Gerak Malaysia‘s policy, PDRM and MCMC today announced that the app will now generate QR code for those who applied for the special interstate travel arrangement which will take place from 7 to 10 May.

Back on Sunday, we were informed that no QR code or permit notification will be generated by the Gerak Malaysia. However, PDRM has decided to activate the QR-based permit policy to avoid anyone from taking advantage of the special arrangement and make the interstate journey without a valid reason.

At the same time, PDRM also believe that some individual feel that they could travel freely without submitting the interstate travel details since the app previously didn’t generate any QR code or approval notice.

In fact, the Director of Criminal Investigation Department, CP Huzir Mohamed stated that PDRM has received 503,278 applications up till this afternoon but only 29.5% of them have provided their travel details.

Here’s our quick guide on how to obtain the QR permit through Gerak Malaysia:

Meanwhile, MCMC’s Chairman, Al-Ishsal Ishak pointed out that users should generate the permit on the same day that they are going to make the interstate journey. As for certain approved scenarios which involved return trips, they should generate two QR permits.

For example, if you are travelling from Kuala Lumpur to pick up your wife and children in Terengganu, generate the first QR permit before you make your move from KL on 7 May.

Then on Sunday, 10 May which is the designated travel date for those in Terengganu, generate the second QR permit before you start your journey back to Kuala Lumpur. In case you are wondering, yes, you should travel according to the calendar provided by PDRM for the return journey as well.

The permit approval and QR code generator have been implemented in the v2.5 of the Gerak Malaysia app. This update is readily available for Android devices while iOS users need to wait until tomorrow instead.

If you somehow couldn’t update the Gerak Malaysia app in your phone, CP Huzir pointed out that you should just show the details within the Profile section of the app as a proof that you have actually register through Gerak Malaysia, when going through police checkpoints.

All in all, CP Huzir stated that it will up to the discretion of the police officers that are on duty at these respective checkpoints to determine whether your are allowed to make the interstate travel or otherwise.

While it was previously mentioned that the authorities are using the data from Gerak Malaysia to manage their resources to handle the interstate movement, we just wish that the full policy would already be set in the stone early on. By changing them every few days, no doubt that this has caused some confusion among the public.

Since the interstate travel period will begin tomorrow, we don’t think there will be any changes to the policy anymore and we certainly hope that will really be the case.

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