Thursday, May 28, 2020

Stories Staying or Move to SGpore has pros and cons. Here are some of the cons

Some of my friends currently working at Singapore, but here are some reasons not to move to Singapore.

1) Property price is crazy expensive in Singapore as a foreigner. Even as PR, HDB isn't cheap, and you need to pay 30+% DP to afford one.

If you qualify to buy HDB as PR, old houses cost at least 400k for 3 bedder, and you need to pay close to 35%. So around 140k as DP? How long would you need to save that?

For Condo, at least 800k, so about 300kSGD for DP needed.

2) Cars are crazy ex, so unless you enjoy public transport, that would suck

Around 1000 per month for costs averaged out.

3) Ciggies are expensive as well, if you are smoker. Hard to find a place to smoke
4) Once you have kids you either have to convert to SG or get slaughtered by the costs of child raising here.

For PR, school fees in public school per child is 205/month for pri and 380/month for secondary,

With no PR, private school would be well over 1k per month per kid.

5) Food isn't as good as Malaysia for local fare. Restaurant fare can be better though
6) If you put your money in CPF, you can't take it out as easily as you take out EPF.

When you turn 55, you can only take out the balance above 181k, and this minimum amount is increasing 2-3% per year. Not like EPF where you can take out everything.

7) You better not let any Sinkie hear or see you complaining about Singapore, they will gang up on you and post on social media until you lose your job.

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