Monday, May 18, 2020

Touch n Go RFID Self-Fitment Kit Now Available Through Lazada and Shopee For RM 35

Touch ‘n Go (TnG) today has announced that the TnG RFID Self-Fitment Kit can now be obtained through Lazada and Shopee. This is a long time coming since the company originally announced the kit back in February.

Available for RM 35, the installation process seems rather straight forward although it involves creating an account over at TnG Mobility eXperience website. Once that done, you can then register the RFID tag and your vehicle to the system before tying them up to your TnG eWallet account.

According to the FAQ section of the website, users should be able to utilize the RFID tag within 24 hours. The instructions provided by the website also stated that users need to install the RFID tag on the left side of the vehicle’s windscreen exterior. Alternatively, you can also implement it on the left headlamp.

With today’s announcement, there is no longer a need for the public to visit TnG’s physical fitment centre if they want to install the TnG RFID tag on their vehicles. Nevertheless, the option will still available, so that those who not confident enough to do it themselves will still be able to have the TnG RFID tag installed by professionals.

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