Saturday, November 14, 2020

Google Currently Beta-Testing New Video Quality Preferences Feature For YouTube


Watching YouTube these days, you’re given the option to choose your preferred quality or resolution for the video you watch, and that alone can go all the way up to 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution. Recently though, it appears Google has been testing out a new “Video Quality Preferences” feature that essentially simplifies the process.

Specifically, the new preference mode has been condensed down to four video quality options: let the app decide automatically, High Picture Quality, Data Saver, and Advanced mode. All pretty self-explanatory. The tab will also display the quality for current videos which, if you simply leave it to the app to decide, is set to 480p by default, as means of preserving bandwidth.

As, one of Google’s main objective in making this tab is simply to free users from the burden of having to choose the resolution that suits both their video output at the time, as well as their bandwidth. The latter especially if they’re streaming directly from their mobile data.

That isn’t to say that the option disappears completely and that is why the advanced option is there on the list, for those among you who still want a wider berth when it comes to their resolution kicks.

As for when the feature will roll out is anyone’s guess at this stage. The app is still being labelled as “Beta” and Google hasn’t officially said when it plans on rolling it out to the masses.

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