Monday, November 2, 2020

iPhone 12 Teardown Reveals Modular Components For Simpler Repairs

The iPhone 12 was officially unveiled earlier in this month. And naturally, we now have a teardown of it and the Pro model by the folks at iFixit. And from it, it looks like Apple has done something different with the current generation iPhone compared to prior models.

As usual, iFixit provides a very detailed account of the whole process. But the biggest takeaway is probably that there is a lot more modularity here. This makes things easier to replace when things go wrong with the iPhone 12. The parts are also now more commonly held together with screws rather than glue.

Another interesting takeaway include the fact that both the iPhone 12 and the Pro model use the same battery. This confirms the previous report about their battery capacities that surfaced last week. There are also a lot of similarities between both models. too. This is especially once the battery is removed.

Ultimately, iFixit scores the iPhone 12 and the Pro model a six out of 10. In addition to the phones, they’ve also torn down the MagSafe charger as a bonus. You can check out the entirety of the iFixit teardown by following the link below.

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