Monday, November 16, 2020

Malaysia Prawn King Earn RM 3,200,000 in 1 Day? 虾王Umance直播被Laguna Redang 打脸 (Stories)


TLDR : Prawn King live stream got 40k viewers because lucky draw X50 + selling 8000 pcs of laguna voucher x RM399 which he say have lifetime validity no expiry.

Kantoi 1 : laguna come out statement to deny existence of such voucher and make pulis report
Kantoi 2 : the lucky draw winner found to be fake account and the profile picture is a girl that use to take picture with prawn king

Ok.. Let me introduce how he cheated money without being held accountable. . . It's simple. . . 8000 people bought the 399 package, which means there are more than 3 million, right? Then said that this promise can always be fulfilled, right? Of course can. . But, surely is not 8,000 people going at the same time. . He would say. . Sorry. . Bookings for May and June are full. . There are only 200 rooms. . Others have to wait next year. . Because everyone knows that Redang Island seems to be the peak season for two to three months. . Then other tourists may think they all had paid. . Guaranteed forever. . it's okay. . Had to wait for next year. . He used 3 million to book for just 200 rooms, n rollover the rest, this is purely a steal. . Then there are dozens of live broadcasts. . Use the same trick. . Waiting for someone to be fooled. .


>Self doing promo for 3D2N resort package for RM399
>sold 8000 x RM399 = RM3.2m to rollover
>hotel isn't acknowledged at all not approved
>try to remit RM100k to hotel to settle
>hotel not accept this and lodged polis report

Wow. This scammer did actually transfer deposit 100k to Laguna, this fact is confirmed by Laguna but they reject and ask the bank to refund.

See Laguna Facebook comment section print screen.

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